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New Books Coming From France, yay!

So first of all, thank you all for being awesome and letting me have my time.  I have like 7 book reviews that will be posted in the next few weeks, and I’ve realized that it’s better to write them … Continue reading

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Ahh the temptation..

It’s bad.  It’s very bad.  There is a certain French website kind of like Amazon that I use to order all of my books from France that I can’t find here or on (or if I don’t like the price … Continue reading

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50 Best Books for French Majors and Francophiles

How perfect that this lovely list comes to my attention in the middle of the Paris in July event?! I got a very sweet email from one of my blog readers about this wonderful list of books about France.  The … Continue reading

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Review: La traversée by Philippe Labro

La traversée is a beautifully told story by French author Philippe Labro. I read it in French, and it was my first experience reading anything by Labro. I often feel like I shouldn’t praise writing when it’s in French, because … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite French things….

Can’t you just hear that song from the Sound of Music playing right now??  To kick off Paris in July, I’m posting a list of some of my favorite French things!  A lot of these photos are actually ones that … Continue reading

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Review: Rêves amers by Maryse Condé

Rêves amers was my first experience reading Maryse Condé and I really enjoyed it.  This story follows young Rose-Aimée from her little poverty-stricken village in the Haitian countryside to the bustling city of Port-au-Prince, where she must work to provide … Continue reading

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Review: Molière by Christophe Mory

I had to read this biography of the life of the French playwrite Molière for my Molière class this past semester.  It was very interesting, but not really an actually biography.  As my teacher put it, it’s “la biographie mythologique” … Continue reading

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Review: Les Combustibles by Amelie Nothomb

Les Combustibles by Belgian author Amelie Nothomb asked readers an interesting question.  What would you do if you had to burn all the book in your library to stay warm?  This short book (just 89 pages) follows a professor, his … Continue reading

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In which I begin reading Zola’s Aux Bonheurs des dames (Or The Ladies’ Delight)

That’s right.  I picked up this little treasure (en francais, bien sur) at a book store in NYC when I went with French Club a few months back.  I was super excited to find a Zola book in French.  And … Continue reading

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Review: Les Femmes Savantes by Molière

Les Femmes savantes is a hilarious play that Molière wrote in the last years of his life.  I really want to review it, but I am all Molièred out, so this will probably be a really short review.  I loved … Continue reading

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