Beer! And I’m Buying a House?

Long time no post!

I have no excuses.  I’ve been coming home from work and immediately putting on Netflix and numbing my brain so I don’t have to think about anything.  I think I’ve read like 10 words in the last 2 weeks.  I normally finish at least one book a week!

The problem is, I’m trying to buy a house.  It is, besides losing a loved one or being sick with something horrible or having family sick with something horrible, the MOST stressful thing ever.  I will not start thinking of the house as “mine” or as “soon to be mine” until I have those keys in my hands.

There is so much that can still go wrong.  So I’m trying not to think about it this weekend.

As a result of all this stress, I have a huge build up of reviews that I haven’t written!  So over the next while (probably like until I close on this house?) I’ll be posting shorter reviews.  I tend to ramble when I review but these are just the short and sweet of each book, whatever I feel like writing about while I’m writing about the book.  Normally writing about the books I’ve read is relaxing for me!  I love doing it!  But I’ve just been too stressed to enjoy it.

Also since it costs to much freaking money to buy a house, the boyfriend and I have been drinking cheaper beer-Molson, Labatt.  Which is fine in small doses.  The boyfriend stopped by Trader Joe’s today though and got us a six pack of Josephsbrau Hefeweizen.  We’ve had it before and it’s pretty great for the price so I’m a happy girl this evening.

josephsbrauSo that’s what I’ve been up to.  What are you drinking?  Are you having a more stress free weekend??  Have you bought a house??  It sucks!!


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Hi! My name’s Kelly. I’m a twenty-something gal from Buffalo, NY. Mom to a little dog named Peabody and a slightly evil cat named Archie. Engaged to the best dude ever. I love books and craft beer! I also love all things France and francophone and have a degree in French Language and Literature from Buffalo State College. My blog used to be called Kelly’s France Blog, but I finally decided it needed a change because I wasn’t posting about French things nearly as often as I used to! You can still see all my imported posts on A Book and a Beer, or you can visit my original blog at
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One Response to Beer! And I’m Buying a House?

  1. Oh, my GOD! You’re so right! Buying a house is a harrowing experience and not something I want to go through again for a very long time (or ever). Everything with ours was down to the literal last minute with the sellers dragging things out so that we didn’t have much time at all to consider various decisions along the way. Ugh! I feel for you!

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