The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson

Note to Self: Don’t read Mom’s library books……  Unless you want her to return the one you’re reading before you write down your favorite quotes.  Seriously, because then you end up like me, who finds that the book is always checked out of the library, and then eventually forgets you have a book review to write.

This should be a review of The Lantern, a book I seriously loved, even if the main character’s BF got on my nerves at times.  I read this book in August maybe?  Yeah.

Basically, it’s been so long and I don’t have a copy of the book, so no real review.  Just me promising that while I don’t remember everything, I remember loving it 🙂


About Kelly

Hi! My name’s Kelly. I’m a twenty-something gal from Buffalo, NY. Mom to a little dog named Peabody and a slightly evil cat named Archie. Engaged to the best dude ever. I love books and craft beer! I also love all things France and francophone and have a degree in French Language and Literature from Buffalo State College. My blog used to be called Kelly’s France Blog, but I finally decided it needed a change because I wasn’t posting about French things nearly as often as I used to! You can still see all my imported posts on A Book and a Beer, or you can visit my original blog at
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2 Responses to The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson

  1. BookQuoter says:

    At least I now know you liked it:)

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