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Christmas Loot

This post is a wee bit late, but that’s okay.  Christmas was a great day in my family for new books.  I got 7, Twin got 7, little sis got a few, and my mom got a gift card to … Continue reading

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Review: Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer

I had never heard of Georgette Heyer until last January-ish, but when I found out she wrote British mysteries, I knew I needed to give her a try.  You see, I love a good mystery.  And when they take place … Continue reading

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Review: The Book of Illumination by Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley

Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley’s The Book of Illumination is the perfect book for fans of the TV show Ghost Whisperer.  After all, Winkowski was a consultant for the TV show.  This book is the first in what I … Continue reading

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Favorite Books of 2011

I so planned on finishing up all reviews this week and starting 2012 all fresh and free.  But then I got a flu bug and could not focus on review writing.  So anyway, my best of 2011: While I read … Continue reading

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