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Review: The Artificial River by Carol Sheriff

I don’t review many non-fiction books, mainly because they are usually being read for school and I get really sick of whatever it is I usually have to read for school.  But I had to read The Artificial River: The … Continue reading

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Review: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (aka I love me some Sherlock Holmes)

I’ve always had a thing for Sherlock Holmes.  I chalk it up to Basil Rathbone and his dreamy good looks and awesome acting.  A Study in Scarlet was my first ever attempt at reading a Sherlock Holmes story, because up … Continue reading

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Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

I’m working on a French essay that’s due in my teacher’s inbox tomorrow by midnight, and I constantly have to stop and rethink what I’m doing and take breaks and just put off writing more. Sometimes papers, and reviews for … Continue reading

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Review: The Curse of the Spellmans

Lisa Lutz has charmed me again with Curse of the Spellmans, the sequel to one of my favorite reads ever, The Spellman Files.  In this book, main character Izzy Spellman has gotten herself into deep water.  She is a private … Continue reading

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Weekend Reads

It’s been another crazy week at my house!  I’ve barely been home because of work, group projects, and tons of French Club fun (and presentation prep!).  I’m SO glad it’s the weekend!  Tomorrow (Sunday) French Club is doing a presentation … Continue reading

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Literary Blog Hop-What must I read before I die?

The Literary Blog Hop is a biweekly hop hosted by The Blue Bookcase.  Anyone who reviews a lot of literary or classic books can participate!  For more information or to join in, head over to The Blue Bookcase!  This week’s … Continue reading

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Review: Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

Death in Venice is a novella by German author Thomas Mann.  I read the translation by H.T. Lowe-Porter, which I liked, though I’d love to eventually read this in its native tongue because there were some parts that seemed awkward.  … Continue reading

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