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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I’m quite happy. I don’t have class tomorrow because I am not taking the writing techniques class anymore. But I do need to go to two doctors appointments, because then next week I need to give my “doctor reports” to these visa people who then validate our visas. LOL why didn’t they have us do this in the US?! If we are not healthy, will they send us home?! So dumb….I have to see a radiologist at 10 something (Gramma said probably for chest xrays) and a regular doctor for a physical around 3. And they are on totally opposite sides of the city. Fun.

Today I went to the Monoprix for a few groceries items that I ran out of (mainly my beautiful ‘pain au chocolat”, which I will NOT be able to live without when I return to Buffalo!!), and I also got pads (for the dreaded visit from Aunt Flo this coming weekend…) and toilet paper because I was almost out. It was a nice outing, and not nearly as sweltering as yesterday!

Yesterday it was seriously like 80!!!! Not cool!! I had to walk 25 minutes to the HSBC!! But I was very productive-I scheduled a meeting with them for next week to open up a French bank account. All I need to bring is a statement (which I have) from my regular bank account (just to validate that we do have an account with them and stuff), my passport, student ID, and proof of address. So yay! AND they have an English speaking rep-so I got to chat with HER and she will be translating for me next week!! I told her I do know French and that I’d comprehend what was being said, but she said that for legal reasons it’s better that she be there in case something is said that I don’t fully understand-I can’t like sue them for not explaining lol.

Yeah I was really productive yesterday!! After my CUFLE ended at 7:30, I was up until after midnight planning and booking my TRIP TO MUNICH GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO stressful. I had to keep rechecking costs and stuff. Then when I was finally ready to buy my train tickets, I realized that because I said I’m in the states, they had to send them to my home in Orchard Park! There was no option to print them at the station because it’s a “European” trip, not just in France. So then I went to the French TGV website and stuff and it wasn’t working!!!!!! Kept getting error messages when I’d try picking my return train!! So I decided to go to the US website and just have the tix shipped home. But then I decided to try to French site one more time, and it worked! Of course, for some insanely stupid reason, the French website did not have the return train that I had originally wanted!!!!!! Nooooo!! The only one it was giving me was at 6:40 in the morning. I wanted the overnight train! It was way cheaper! So after much thought and deliberation, I decided to buy my tickets through the US site and have them shipped home (should be there on Friday!) and then have the family ship them here to me asap!

My trip is on October 27th, until October 30th. But because it’s an overnight ride home, I won’t get back to my room in La Rochelle until the afternoon of Halloween 🙂 Not a big deal since I can’t go trick or treating….or catch any scary movies on tv!

I’m staying in a hostel right near the train station and right by the historical district 🙂 AND it’s just a few blocks from where Anti-Flag will be playing WHILE I’M THERE!!!!!!! I swear I didn’t realize they’d be in Munich until after I decided when I was going! But I’m trying to get tix….if I can’t find them, I’ll try getting them the day of the show, or I’ll just look for the band while I’m doing my Munich stuff 🙂 Not a big deal if I can’t go to the show, it would just be an added bonus.

Have a mentioned that some of the Aussie girls are going to Paris soon to see the Jonas Brothers?! LOL.

So yeah that’s cool!

So this weekend I guess there was this big fireworks show (didn’t realize there were fireworks until they started booming over my head! I seriously thought I was living in WWII London or something….) Anyway… idea to do fireworks right over my house I guess. But WHY ON EARTH must you BLAST MICHAEL JACKSON/DISCO/GUNS N ROSES music the whole night?! It went on for like…..3 hours I swear!!!!!! Heather-you’ll appreciate this. One song came on and I was like “huh….I swear I know this song…” and then the chorus started and it was that “we are the world, we are the children, we are the ones to make a brighter day so lets start giving…” song that we sang in 5th grade music class!!!!!!!!!! LOL I haven’t heard that song since then but I recognized it as soon as it started! Insane!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I was not very happy on Saturday night..

Funny story!! Yesterday after going to the bank, I was walking along the old port to get back to campus, and there are always a lot of tourists there. Anyway….this group of TOTALLY English people walked by me. They were dressed English down to their socks I mean seriously…..and they had the greatest English accents. It reminded me of that show Gramma sometimes watched when we were little on PBS with the older English people and yeah….but these people were like in their 40s or early 50s. And I was giggling to myself about how cliche english they are, when one of the ladies responded to one of the guys who had been talking, “Oh Richard………..blah……….blah blah…..” And it was just perfect. Such an English name!

LOL I’m not trash talking the English they are great. The moment was just so perfect that I had to laugh and mention it here!

Today my CUFLE class was totally rad. Like seriously. We watched these TV clips about weird/miraculous stuff. And then after each one we’d discuss within our groups what we thought-like if we agreed with what was going on or if we didn’t believe in it. Anddddddd……I was SO HAPPY! I GOT MY GHOSTY FIX!!!!!!!!!! No no, we didn’t watch Ghost Hunters (I wish!), but we watched some clip from a French version of that “Haunting” show, and it was about this family who has a poltergeist in their house and all this stuff. And THERE WAS EVEN AN EVP!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I was f*cking extatic! Like OMG….I can’t even explain it. Ghost stuff after a month now with NO Ghost Hunters!!!!!! It rocked! I of course had to give my opinion 🙂 Teeheheheheheeee I’ve probably never talked more or been more eager to speak in that class! There was also a clip about some woman who went to a pilgrimage sight in France and was healed of a sickness. All about Catholicism and stuff. THEN there was a clip about these weird coincedances between Abe Lincoln and JF Kennedy. It was weird. I’m from the US and I’ve never heard of this stuff before!!! The Korean girl who I was chatting with said she had to do a report on it!! WTF?! Why can’t we learn cool stuff like this?! It’s weird-the two presidents have some crazy shit in common. Because senators exactly 100 years apart. Both president in 1860/1960. The president who followed them both was named Johnson. Both Johnsons were born 100 years apart, same day of the week and everything! Crazy. Oh yeah, Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre, and Kennedy was shot in a car called the Lincoln Ford. WTF?! Crazy! Of course this wasn’t in the clip, but it’s also interesting to think that they were both presidents during very changing/turbulant times. Lincoln with the civil war and slavery, Kennedy with the start of Vietnam and civil rights…..hmmmmmm…..makes ya think.

Not much else going on that I can remember. I’ve started making a list throughout the day of everything I need to write about, otherwise I forget something and later after publishing the blog, I’m like “Nooo! I forgot that!”

I’m buying envelopes and postcards either tomorrow or Friday, so perhaps you’ll all be getting some sort of correspondance from me soon!

Heather and Shannon-someone has to sign for my train tickets! And then ASAP they need to be put into another envelope and mailed to me! Okay? Make sure Mommy knows. I’m not too worried because I don’t need them until Oct. 27th but yeah..

Goodnight! I need to make some instant coffee (which actually tastes like normal coffee now, LOL! how weird…..and I actually REALLY look forward to it every night!) Isnt’ that weird how that works?? During the October Storm back in 2006 I would almost puke when drinking it. Of course, I’ve been told it’s more common to drink it here so it might be better quality. I think it’s a mixture of just needing any kind of coffee I can get my hands on, and having time to experiment on how to get the most “normal” tasting coffee. I’d be in heaven if I could just go out every morning and every evening for coffee! Cuz it’s so yummy at the cafes! And there are times when I wish I could have some of Mommy’s coffee, because I know her’s is gonna taste so good when I get home!! But yeah, I’m gonna make my coffee and do some studying!

A Bientot! I’ll tell you all about my doctors appointments tomorrow or the next day! And sorry about no accents-the codes don’t work on my laptop and I’m not copy-pasting them just for a blog entry! LOL!

Grosses Bises!

Kelly *smooch!*

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Hi! My name’s Kelly. I’m a twenty-something gal from Buffalo, NY. Mom to a little dog named Peabody and a slightly evil cat named Archie. Engaged to the best dude ever. I love books and craft beer! I also love all things France and francophone and have a degree in French Language and Literature from Buffalo State College. My blog used to be called Kelly’s France Blog, but I finally decided it needed a change because I wasn’t posting about French things nearly as often as I used to! You can still see all my imported posts on A Book and a Beer, or you can visit my original blog at
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