My Week is Almost Over :)

Bonjour tout le monde!! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged since Saturday! I’ve had a lot of homework to do. But now I have it all finished and I have TOO much time on my hands..

Classes are all going well. I had a little assignment due in my CUFLE class on Monday. We had to write 20 lines describing a friend, so I wrote about Heather πŸ™‚ I did a very good job too! Heather-I even used “la mienne” and those sort of things!! OMG! I’m so smart πŸ˜‰ I also had my Fr. Lit. lecture class on Monday. It was fine-I was able to follow the teacher much better this time!! Yay! I took 2 whole pages of notes!

Tuesday I didn’t have class until 5:00, but I was working on homework all day! I was trying to finish reading “Les Natchez”, and then it occured to me that the only exerpts I had to analyze this week were excerpts from the beginning, LOL!!!!!!!!! So I stopped reading and started writing! Just finished the 3rd one a few hours ago. Not sure if they are exactly what the teacher wanted, but they are as good as they’re gonna get! I have NEVER taken apart 2 pages in a book in such detail!! I was surprised what sort of things I came up with too πŸ˜‰ Guess I really do have it in me!! I do feel better about my papers since finding out that some other exchange students who have the same teacher but a different class did not write anything because they didn’t understand what they were supposed to do. So at least I did it, right??

First day of Fall was yesterday!!!!! I had totally planned on taking a nice walk by the water, but I had too much work to do. So that will probably happen tomorrow instead. I’m gonna bring my camera and get photos of all the subtle signs of Autumn’s arrival ❀ You'll probably all see them when I get home though, lol. My photos really don't want to upload! I guess it's just too much work for them and they are lazy! Ha!

Today I didn’t have class until 5:30. I stayed inside until then finishing up my analyses as much as possible. It was really nice out though!! I wish I had taken a little walk or something…. Then I had my writing techniques class. So difficult! But my teacher was so sweet-she told me that she just found out that there is going to be another writing techniques class offered in October that is just for exchange students. I’m gonna see when exactly that is and if I have no conflicting classes, I’m taking it! I have no issues understanding my teacher in that class….but the students talk SO fast and explain the reasons for picking certain answers SO quickly that I don’t pick up a thing!! So then I can’t really learn/practice anything because they don’t give me the time of day to understand what’s going on! But I’m so glad my teacher was a sweetheart and found that out for me πŸ™‚ I really want to take it-I’ve already learned a lot of good grammar stuff in the 2 classes I’ve already had.

Tomorrow I have my 8am small group french lit. class. I have my homework finished πŸ™‚ Then no class for a few hours. I’ll probably go into town and buy some baguette bread because I ran out again and I’m so addicted I don’t think I can go a whole day without it anymore!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no!!!!!! What will I do when I get home?! No quick walks to the bread store 😦

At 1:30 I have my Art History class πŸ™‚ Looking forward to that because it reminds me of my Fr. Lit. classes back home. Lol…don’t ask me why….it’s art not litterature….but yeah.

I think tomorrow night there is an international student night at a bar in the city. It was arranged by the school and if you show your student ID, you get a free drink πŸ™‚ I might go to that. Not sure how late it is at though, and I don’t like going out late. But we’ll see πŸ™‚

By the way-I got a subscription from Skype for making international calls from my computer to land-line phones πŸ™‚ I can talk for as long as I want and all I had to pay was $12 for the month. So I’ll probably try to call the family using that from now on. And my friends too if you want. It is free for the person I call, too! I’m going to use it to call Gramma. I hate only have a few minutes a week to talk to her!!!! I’m used to going to her house a few times a week and talking for hours! There’s so much I always want to tell her ❀ So yeah, that's the main reason I got it! Of course, there will always be the chance of call being dropped because of my internet connection, but that doesn't really matter because the calls are free! I can call back and not worry about paying more money πŸ˜‰

Anyway… you all! I will write more this weekend, hopefully about something more interesting that my life and my classes! Maybe I’ll people watch this weekend and write about the French lol! Or if I feel like using a lot of imagery…I can describe the city or the harbor to you πŸ™‚ But we’ll see……

Grosses Bises!!!!!! (“love and kisses”!!) (and kisses on the cheeks, lol!)

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Hi! My name’s Kelly. I’m a twenty-something gal from Buffalo, NY. Mom to a little dog named Peabody and a slightly evil cat named Archie. Engaged to the best dude ever. I love books and craft beer! I also love all things France and francophone and have a degree in French Language and Literature from Buffalo State College. My blog used to be called Kelly’s France Blog, but I finally decided it needed a change because I wasn’t posting about French things nearly as often as I used to! You can still see all my imported posts on A Book and a Beer, or you can visit my original blog at
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  1. Heather says:

    i fucking wrote you the longest reply and it fucking disappeared on me..

    will reply when I'm done wanting to kill my computer….

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